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  1. I admire your perspective involving living life to the fullest. “The fleeting nature of life”, as you said it, particularly resonated with me.


  2. I also think that it is important to live life to the fullest. It’s interesting how your sister’s graduation had such an impact on you. Life is certainly short. Great podcast.


  3. I too have always thought the phrase “live in the moment” is a cliche. However, your podcast has made me think about that phrase more. Perhaps it is something I should be doing more.


  4. I liked your podcast because we all can relate to it as graduation approaches for us and we are all focusing so much on our future, instead of enjoying our last year in high school.


  5. I loved the message of your podcast. I have been to the last three GV graduations and I can’t believe that the next one I attend will be our graduation.


  6. I liked the emotion that your story contained – talking about your sister relationship really added a lot of depth and meaning to the message of the podcast.


  7. The story is very interesting especially because it is relevant in my life as well this senior year.


  8. Wow, I think we tend to take life for granted and your reflection on your sister’s graduation brought a new interpretation of this. It must have been a really sentimental moment, and it reminds me of what will happen to my younger sister once I graduate.


  9. I definitely agree with what you said in this podcast. You message has become increasingly important to me, especially with our own high school graduation coming up soon. Looking forward to the next episode!


  10. Your podcast was really interesting! I also wrote mine on one of the times I realized that I need to appreciate each and every moment in life so I found your story on the time you realized something similar very entertaining.


  11. I definitely could agree with the message; I remember when my brother graduated when I was just starting high school, and it really did signify a whole new era in my life. Living life to the fullest, especially while you can, is definitely a message that I also believe in, too.


  12. I also believe in living life to the fullest and living in the moment. I enjoyed listening to this podcast.


  13. I totally agree with your belief about the importance of living in the moment and to the fullest. I feel like too often we spend so much time thinking about what will happen in the future that we miss out on what’s happening in the present.


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